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Salle Bernandos, 4th floor, Salles St.Roch

35 Rue St.Roch · Paris

How to find us

As you walk into the building, look out for direction signs with 'Affordable Yoga' on them, which will lead you to the room. Any problems give the host a call. (Check who is hosting the event) Katie- 0659837812; Anna - 0605965013; Mariona -0754809858

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Intermediate Yoga class on Wednesday evenings. This one hour Hatha/Vinyasa yoga class will strengthen, revitalise and energise your body. Relaxation exercises will de-stress your mind.

I am pleased to announce the addition of levels to our yoga classes. This class is a result of many of you asking for a specific class for those who are wishing to progress their yoga practice on a more advanced level. The class will follow a similar format but will include a series of more advanced postures, sometimes done as a linked sequence, shorter breaks in between postures or sequences and for those who are hoping to attend on a regular basis I will build in an element of progression.

The class is suitable for all who have been practicing yoga for a period of time, feel confident about the basic yoga postures / technique and would like to challenge themselves further.

The class will include less verbal descriptions of how to get into postures but rather more guidance on how to perfect and progress them once you are holding the position.

Directions on how to find us:

35 Rue St. Roch.

Metro. Tuileries (5 min walk); Pyramides (5 min walk); Opera (7min walk)

Rooms may vary for each class, so as you walk into the building, look out for direction signs with 'Affordable Yoga' on them, which will lead you to the room. Any problem finding the room, or the building, please give one of the hosts a call. Please check who is hosting this class and call either Katie -[masked], Anna -[masked], or Mariona -[masked] before the class starts.

Read on if you would like more detailed information about the classes:

What to expect from a Hatha Yoga class:

Hatha yoga style incorporates a series of isolated postures (yoga asanas) that are held for between 30sec and 3mins. With rest in between. This style of class always incorporates deep relaxation and breathing exercises in addition to the practice of yoga asanas (yoga postures).

My ‘home school’ and primary influence of my teachers during gaining my qualification is Hatha Sivananda yoga style. However, I aim to teach a varied mix of lessons to continually evolve the classes, build on our practice and introduce variety. I also have some colleagues who I invite to teach different yoga styles. Mainly these are flow style classes.

What to expect from a Vinyasa Flow class:

Vinyasa flow – in this class the emphasis is on linking the movements together into a harmonious flow of postures. It is dynamic yet soft in nature, but relaxation is often reserved to the end of the session. Equally the classes always vary but build on core postures do develop strength an flexibility.

What to bring with you:

Mats - I ask you to each bring your own mat. As I don’t have a car so it will be difficult for me to carry enough mats for everyone for each class. If you don't have a mat, I can offer some yoga specific, non toxic eco mats for sale at €20 each. (Dimensions are 185cm x 63cm and 4.5mm thickness) It will be yours to keep and I will then ask you to bring it with you to each class. If you would like to order a mat, please let me (Anna) know in advance, and I will be happy to bring one for you. (lease note, the mats for sale are only currently available at the classes that Anna is hosting)

Water - You may wish to bring a bottle of water with you (but not necessary).

(Optional) Accessories - If you use any accessories like straps or blocks for your own practice, feel free to bring them with you to use in the class.

What to wear:

You are welcome to wear anything you feel comfortable in, but generally it is advised to wear cotton clothes that does not restrict your movement in any way. Yoga is practiced barefoot with no socks on but to ensure your comfort during the relaxation part or the class, you can bring a pair of socks and a jumper.

Changing facilities:

In studios: As the halls are not part of dedicated yoga centres, there are no dedicated changing facilities as such, so if you could come as ready as possible in your yoga clothes it would be great, however, due to a shape of the room in 35 Rue Saint Roch, there will be an opportunity to turn a part of a room into a space to get changed in or use the toilets in the building. In the facility in the 15e, you will be able to use toilets to get changed in.

In Parks: When the classes move to parks (End July & August) - There are paid toilets at the metro Tuileries and free toilets in Parc Citroen as well where you could change, or if it is convenient then it will be easier to come dressed in your yoga clothes (or make it easy for yourself to quickly change in the park)

Class level:

This is an intermediate level class suitable for those familiar with yoga and who are aware of the core yoga postures and are comfortable at holding each of them for at least 60sec.


If English is not your first language, Most teachers also speak French and I (Anna) also speak Russian so additional explanations will be possible in those languages as well.

Health screening:

Although yoga has many very beneficial health effects, to make sure no harm is made during beginning of your practice, I will ask everyone to fill out a short health questionnaire when you come to your first class. I will use this information confidentially to adapt the exercises specifically to cater for your needs (if you have any).


You can pay in 3 ways

1) Cash

2) Cheque

3) Bank transfer (details available upon request)

4) Online (for 10 class passes only, please see the details below)

Buy 10 Classes for €45:

If you find it easier to pay for 10 classes in one go. We have a special offer to reward you for your loyalty and make the Affordable Yoga classes even more affordable! - Buy the Affordable Yoga 10 Class Pass for €45 instead of €50. They do not have an expiry date and you can also use them to attend any types of classes or use the credit to pay for other services we offer - e,g. weekend workshops, retreats and events!
You can buy them online via: (
Or by enquiring in person at the classes.