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People who are looking to connect with likeminded people of the same culture. People who would like to advance spiritually (non religious). People who would like to find out what their purpose is. Live the life they are meant to live. Fight the negatives and move on to a more positive life. The meet up group a place to meditate and to find yourself and your hidden talents. It is a healing meet up group, present and generational healing.
It is for people who would like to be enlightened, to come together, share and learn how to tap into their own powerful resources. Using spirit guides, Ancestors and the Divine creator for guidance.

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This meet up is a lively and friendly atmosphere. We will be having a beautiful and calming meditation created by Neferatiti. After the meditation we will be conducting Transformational card readings for everyone in the group. African ancestral meet up's aim is to reconnect people of the African and Caribbean lineage a space for healing and spiritual reconnection. The space is to connect with the ancestors and to create a dialogue with them for generational healing. This particular meet up is the beginning of a series of meet ups. 1.If you attend this meet up you will experience people who are likeminded and non religious. 2. Learn how to meditate, calming the mind. 3.Understand the importance of connecting with your ancestors for healing. 4. You will have time to share your own personal and spiritual experiences. 5. You may be able to start the healing process in a non judgmental environment. 5. You will be able to experience being at one with yourself and your lineage. Thus you will not feel the need to make excuses about who you are and your own belief system. 6. You will receive and accurate reading with cards that are designed specifically for those who are from the African and Caribbean lineage. 7. You will learn the basics of spirituality. 8. Most of all you will experience a calming environment, allowing you to reduce stressful feelings. For more information www.neferatitiife.com

WIndrush Ancestors pain and pleasure.


Windrush Ancestors and Poetry This is an evening where two books will be presented in a workshop form. The focus of the evening concentrates around the Windrush decedents, stories of migration and the emotional affects of the journey. ZINDIKA KAMAUESI: Has written a novel and post-Windrush story: ‘Where did we come from and what happened when we came. This is a story written about us in the 70s, but it is very much a story about us now!’ Zindika Black all Over This is the author’s fifth book and second novel where she revisits the theme of migration: coming over and settling, giving voice to 14-year-old Sheba Brown, London life in the 70s and the pain that comes with the struggle to belong. Neferatiti Ife: Has written a book on African spirituality, told to her from the ancestors. She invites you to tap into your inner power to transform your life, and she shows us how we can use this in the healing of the post-Windrush generation. ‘…we all want transformation from the hell that we are going through…our wishing for this may not be the solution to our happiness.’ Neferatiti Shine your Divine Light Our past, especially with our parents and relationship impact on our current lives often repeated scenarios. This book offers real solutions to break free of past pain, anger and frustration that could be ruining your true potential. What to expect: .You will receive and insight into the experiences of migration and its effects on the descendants .You will gain insight into the pleasure, pain and journey of those whom have migrated and how that journey affects you. .We will be speaking about the psychological pain that is carried across the water from those that have changed their physical space and how it effects the person. .You will gain some insight into the Ancestors and how you can develop your connection with them. .You will gain ideas about why you are here and what you have to do in this lifetime. .You will have an opportunity to share your experiences with others. .Time to allow your journey to be expressed. .Mixing with likeminded individuals. .Finally your will experience positive and powerful poetry from Yesika

Kemetian (Egyptian) Healing Day

Tara Yoga Centre


This is a dynamic and intensive channelled healing system. The Kemetian healing event is a day of healing comprising of two dynamic meditations used by the masters of ancient Kemet (Egypt). These ancient beings had powerful healing systems which they tapped into, to create the great pyramids and buildings. They now share this activating system with us. These ancient meditations intends to heal every single cell in your body to and awaken you to who you are. Every cell in your body will be reminded that you are king or queen. It unlocks your negative programming, conscious and unconscious to bring out the power within you. The ancient Kemetians Ancestors have revealed this secret of their healing to be shared for the first time. The meditations have been channelled and downloaded via Nefertiti Ife, from the 18th dynasty Kemet. They feature King Akhenaton and Queen Nefertiti who share secret meditations never before revealed. Benefits of listening to this meditation: 1. Heals pain in the body and mind. 2. Unblocks negative vibrations in mind, body and spirit. 3. Activates blood cells and organs in the body. 4. It assists you to Understand your path and purpose. 5. Connects you to your past present and future 6. Allows you to create a vibrational shift. 7. Allows you to tap into ancient Kemetian energy. 8. Assists you to tap into your Divine essence. 9. Awakens the queen and King vibration inside of you. 10. Balances your male and female energy (MAAT)

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