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Technology as the New Industrial Revolution in Nigeria!

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In the old industrial revolution, it was all about the huge machine tools, steam power, Iron making, textile weaving and manufacturing systems that use coal power and human strength. In today’s new industrial age and for a long time coming, it’s likely going to be more about automation, computer technology, innovation, product design, robotics and information technology. It is the age where the 'Internet of things' will allow everyday objects like cars and home gadgets to talk to each other.

A new age where we can simply print our food through advanced 3D or quite simply transform our world without the heavy complex tools of old. Looking at the success of the Silicon Valleys of this world, to be part of the new industrial age, we simply need to have the human capital, basic infrastructure, finance, coordination and the implicit knowledge to keep it moving.

Of course, we can boast of some of these resources to some extent; we have many well trained technology experts, innovators, thinkers, designers, entrepreneurs, software engineers and whatnot.

We have the Silicon Lagoon; a hub for tech starters and many technology incubation centres scattered all over the country, we have a market of over 170 million people with various needs that technology can solve, we have venture capitals springing up all over the place and millions of young graduates who have studied at some of the World’s most prestigious institutions.

The question then is can Nigeria harness this resources to create an industrial revolution that solves the local Nigerian problem like health risks, accidents, food shortage, traffic, diseases, etc.

As a nation, do we have to necessarily trail the path of the old industrial age? What can we learn from the Silicon Valley and the likes where technology is helping to shape their world?

Let’s come together to cross-fertilize ideas on this subject, friends of Nigeria are welcome.

Due to limited space, attendance to this event will be first come first serve, please RSVP before the 12th of June.

Here is an interesting video from Nigeria’s Minister of information communication technology: