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Group Economics, Business, Investing, Networking, Supporting, Collaborating, Partnering, Politics, Building as individuals or as a team across Africa or the UK.

Africans are social creatures period!! So we at African-FBP are combining some of the lovely elements of our cultures and adding a business and political twist to it.

Facilitating networking to talk politics, business and business opportunities over some good food and good music.

We will also be bringing down special guests to share their business stories and journeys of inspiration.

African-FBP is sponsored by Power Of Smart Money (A private Equity Group focused on all things African. www.powerofsmartmoney.com)

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Future African Politicians & Political Supporters

Online event

As Diasporians, friends of Africa and Africans, the brutal truth is that the future of that continent is in our hands. Anonymous Quote: We shall continue to exploit Africans and their resources until there is nothing left as these Africans literally walk around with their eyes wide shut. Politics and Business go hand in hand and if you are ever thinking to move back to the continent to do business, live or just holiday, wouldn't you want a conducive environment? There are ways and solutions to solving the continents woes, challenges and issues, the question is what part are you willing to play?


Online event

You can be one of the next set of Billionaires in Africa. Smart Money:: Smart Minds:: Smart Moves. Unfortunately, the majority of us in the Diaspora are not investing in Africa and its budding entrepreneurs, we sit on the sidelines praying and hoping all struggling African countries will change and become a paradise for us to return to and become CEOs, bosses , directors, Managers and so on BECAUSE we are Black Africans or new arrivals from overseas etc. (What a very laughable way of thinking) If you do not invest in the countries on the continent when it is a shit-hole (quoting useless Trump) (It is actually full of beautiful people & possibilities), how can you reap where you did not sow? When you leave a vacuum, others shall invest and exploit that vacuum, but not in a way that benefits the country or its citizens but it will benefit their selfish-greedy selves and their countries of origin (remember we have a lot of dumb-heads in power on the continent). What do you get when you don't take action? It inevitably leads to heart wrenching and stomach churning videos like below. Please, before you jump to watching the video, finish reading the text. MONEY IS POWER, with money you can IMPACT the bottom line, create wealth, influence governments and political systems but all the above starts with Economic and financial capacity which you can only get from INVESTING in opportunities on the continent, that can drive the creation of wealth and influence. We start small but we are thinking BIG. In addition and VERY IMPORTANTLY: you are investing today so your children(s) can be the bosses, managers, directors of all the businesses you helped to create, grow and expand. Africa should be a paradise for Black African people considering all the abundance of natural resources and wealth available, yet it is NOT. We who are in privileged positions living in the diaspora are not harnessing the powers afforded to us to drive some serious IMPACT. We talk SOLUTIONS & TAKING ACTIONS. We are looking for serious like-minded individuals that want to start taking action and making moves individually or together as a financial block in building and creating wealth. If this sounds like you then do RSVP for this event. VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbCfmVtenlE On The Day The approach & Mindset The Strategy Risks & Rewards Short medium and Long term opportunities Opportunities to capitalize on Now Opportunities in the Pipeline Special guests & Entrepreneurs Together we all achieve more. This is an online event. Zoom access details will be sent to you once you rsvp.

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