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Afro Outdoors in Houston is a local group that connects people of color in the Greater Houston area with nature and eachother through outdoor adventures including camping, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, tubing, fishing, road trips to beaches and outdoor wonders, skiing, outdoor festivals, and anything else the members decide to explore. Grab your sense of adventure and get ready to explore and connect with those who share your outdoor interests!

All skill levels are welcome. The group targets those in their 20s, 30s, and early 40s, and events are intended for adults. While the focus is ensuring that people of color have knowledge of outdoor recreation and access to nature, we welcome with open arms any and everyone who believes in our mission!

Instead of a subscription fee for this group, some of the Meetups will have a cost to attend. This way, members are only paying if active. The fees are to cover the subscription expenses for Meetup, buy equipment, food, drinks etc. for events and lessen any financial burden of those who choose to host events.

Hope to you see soon!


This group is not in any way affiliated with the group "Outdoor Afro" based in California. I admire their mission and the mission of this group is similar, however this is a local group with a slightly different focus and target group created to address the lack of a similar mission active in the Houston area to achieve similar goals.

This, like every group on Meetup.com and GroupMe where our chat exists, is a social networking group on a social media platform. It is not a business, corporation, or oganization , we do not get paid, and is the equivalent of a Facebook group. This social group exists solely as a positive medium to connect around nature.

When I first set out to begin this endeavor in the Houston area, I contacted "Outdoor Afro" and informed them in early May that I was creating this Meetup because I had a passion with a similar goal. At that time, "Outdoor Afro" did not exist in the Houston area in any form whatsoever on Meetup nor on their website. When this group was created, zero events had taken place and zero were scheduled by the placeholder group for "Outdoor Afro" based in Cali for this area. When we hosted our first event at the beach in this group, zero events had taken place by the other group. There was no sign of development by the other group for literally the last 10 years until we went forward to create our own group and host our own events. This was done not with competition in mind, but to be proactive in creating a space with this mission and finally bring people and their shared passions together.

We simply started having events first, with no competitive mindset at all, and the group has naturally grown unbeknownst of any development plans by "Outdoor Afro".

All members are more than welcome and encouraged to participate in either or both groups. There's tons of outdoors to see and enjoy. The common goal is a simple one. Get you all together and outside!

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