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Hi all,
I'm starting a new After the Bomb RPG campaign with a few friends who are new to Role Playing. I thought I'd put out an invite to anyone who might be interested in playing After the Bomb with us.

After the Bomb is a mutant animal RPG by Palladium Books Inc. where you can be pretty much any type of animal, some have psionic powers, most are just trying to live their lives free from the Nazi-like tyranny of the Empire of Humanity and their canine henchmen. Most of humanity and modern technology was wiped out by a plague similar to the one in the new Planet of the Apes series. As the last vestiges of humanity struggle to hold on and reclaim the world they once owned with ease, they must now compete with the rise of the mutant animals. Animals that now have human-level intelligence and are learning to build their own societies among the ashes of the human civilization.

If this sounds like fun to you, contact me for more info.

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