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Medium Damon Bridges Evening

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We're going to have mediums from the area come to some of our Monday meetings when we can schedule them. They will talk about how they do mediumship and share any methods they suggest to help us develop our mediumship. They'll then do readings when those from spirit come to them for anyone in the gathering.

This Monday, Damon Bridges, a well-known psychic medium from Springfield, is coming to our meeting. Damon is highly thought of for his mediumship, so it should be a great experience. Everyone is invited, whether you're working on your own mediumship or not. Damon will talk about mediumship and bring messages from spirit as they come for anyone there.

These mediums will normally ask for a fee because they're sought after and normally charge something for individual readings and group readings. I'm asking for a donation of $5 to $10, depending on what you can afford. I'll make up any shortfall if we don't accumulate what he asks for normally.

Love and peace, Craig