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ADDENDUM: This group was first created by and for Meetup members who opposed the transition to the "New View" on March 10, 2010. Now it is January 27, 2011, and Meetup HQ has suddenly made a major overhaul to the appearance and functionality of our groups' websites. We don't like those changes either!


In a recent letter sent to all Meetup.com Organizers, CTO Greg Whalin made the following announcement:

"On Wednesday, March 10th, we are going to wrap up the preview period and all Meetup Groups will have the new design. We will not be supporting the old view beyond this transition."

This means is that Meetup.com has made the decision to not offer Organizers a choice whether or not they wish to accept the new view or continue using the old view and force all groups to use the new view on March 10th.

Many Organizers have just recently started to share their opinions regarding the new view since it was made available just over two weeks ago (February 18th). Comments regarding the new view have been posted into various Meetup.com forums and a majority of them disapprove or otherwise do not favor the new view in some way shape or form.

As a paying customer of Meetup.com, I feel that the decision to force Organizers to switch to the new view after a very short (two week) evaluation period is an extremely poor decision and will lead to irreparable damage between Meetup.com and their customers.

If you believe that Meetup.com should not force Meetup Groups to use the new view on March 10th, please join this group and let it be known that you oppose this decision!

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