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AGAPE’s (http://www.agapeloves.com) focus is to heal and also offer the opportunity to develop others in this Spiritual healing program.

Our mission is to bring awareness and healing to communities through Spiritual Empowerment Healing.

Spiritual Empowerment Healing is an energy healing therapy providing individuals an opportunity to heal through a spiritual vibration harmonization their physical, emotional and psychological bodies.

Energy healing identifies and dismantles disturbances in the Auric field. The energy body surrounding the physical disease is cleared away to allow the release and activate the healing process. Within the realms of subtle energy, the Energy Practitioner aligns and act in accordance with an individual’s spiritual knowledge and with their highest healing purposes. Individuals may feel and experience a complete body detachment as the Energy practitioner telepathically brings forward a strong divine spiritual energy that begins to activate the healing process, through the trillions of atoms within the human structure. The body is a complex matrix of energy and each healing process aligns in accordance with that person’s individualized needs.

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