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Live your life to the fullest!

Every Monday evening at 7:00 PM

A powerfully transformational group filled with authentic sharing and interactive processes designed to dismantle self-limiting beliefs so your authentic self can emerge.

What group participants are saying:

"The exercises we do take our human issues and difficulties and uses them as fuel for our growth and transformation."

"We come together to remind each other who we really are; individual expressions of Source, of God, of the Infinite - to recognize and see that in each other - so that we can strengthen our knowing of who we are."

“You go to a chiropractor to get your bones adjusted. You go to Awakened Living to get a 'spiritual adjustment.' I leave seeing things more clearly, feeling emotionally uplifted, and inspired to create my life as I would like it to be."

"This group has become such an important part of my week. It is like therapy for the soul."

3020 Fillmore Street (Suite D) SF, CA 94123
(Door will be unlocked. Suite D is at the top of the stairs in the back past the lobby)

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