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Tuesday Psychic Night

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It's an amazing time to evolve with your divine awaking.

✨ Tuesday Night at 6:45pm

Join us at the Beach Club Estate with myself and REV Norbert Larcher (https://www.facebook.com/norbert.larcher?fref=mentions)
✨Heighten your gifts to a new level of understanding ....😇✨Our focus at the age of new beginnings is on disseminating the true knowledge and teachings from the ancient wisdom handed down to us. When we entered the physical world in the bodies we have selected, we entered remembering very little or nothing of the life lived in the invisible .
As a consequence many are still searching to find their true identity. Many are not aware that life has a purpose and that there is a purpose for each that you are eternally a being of light, and that the individual life energy on earth.
Our world remains infested by needless fear, worry, and doubt. brilliance of your light which has to be increased will go on doing so as u spend valuable time with us as we share this wealth
Join us once weekly in our circle of light at Ronkonkama Long Island where u will begin to comprehend some of life's intricacies And become aware of the requirements for every soul Now sojourning on earth.
For persons with an open mind you will feel at home in God's circle of light and love. Your being will be recharged by God's power and you will leave feeling greatly illumined and invigorated and looking forward to returning for more.

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Blessings to each of you.
Humbly, Priestess Ellen Pellegrino (https://www.facebook.com/Beach.Club.Estate?fref=mentions) and Rev. Norbert Larcher.

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