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The Agents & Investment Deals meetup is a networking and educational group that meets monthly for the sole purpose of helping Real Estate Agents close more deals (i.e. make more money) working with Investors/Investment Deals.

Although any real estate agent is welcome to join, people with at least a base level of experience in the real estate industry and some knowledge of real estate investing will benefit the most. We also enjoy when advanced and seasoned agents attend who are looking to sell and buy deals, build relationships with new folks and/or pick up on new market trends and real estate investing tactics.

Each meeting will offer training and educational tips on how to more effectively and productively work with investors, as well as how to better understand the real estate investing game. A wide range of topics will be covered including things like: understanding the alphabet soup of real estate investing (i.e. REO, ROI, CAP rate, IRR, ARV, MAO, Etc.) to rehab analysis, deal structuring, creative contracts, handling deed problems, easily and efficiently getting contractor bids, managing projects and properties/tenants for clients, vetting out buyers, finding off-market deals, how to protect and increase your fees and a whole lot more.

In addition, at each meeting has time for networking and deal sharing. Members are encouraged to network openly with other agents in an effort to grow your sphere of influence so closing more deals is easier and less time consuming. Live deals are shared at each meeting, many of which are off-market and more attractive to investment buyer clients.

Finally, each meeting ends with a "no holds barred" Q and A session where your questions on everything from vendor referrals to deal analysis and deal structuring to marketing plans, and everything in between will be answered.

So if you're an agent working investment deals in the Indianapolis market and you want to close more business with less effort - we'll see you at the next meeting!

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