What we're about

-Bridge builders. Love gangsters. Light warriors.
-Courageous people that are willing to champion possibility in our community and the world
-The Heaven on Earth Construction Crew in all it's forms

-Will come together and dive deep into our evolution as humans, and what we can do to bring that evolution to our children, our institutions and our community.
-We'll have an opening circle where we discover each other more
-We'll create connections, cause awakening moments by asking powerful questions you can take back into your life
-We'll have a subject of the month that pertains to the greater vision of awakening within, awakening humanity and building bridges to catalyze positive change
-We'll close with delicious next steps that we can take into our lives....and be ready to share our experience from applying those action steps.......for all to exponentially benefit from each other.

We saw a need for a place where people can come, that allows them to feel actively involved in positive change..........in our community and in the world.

My name is Jennifer Hough and I'm the President of www.TheWideAwakening.com, and together with Jeannie Selda, President of "Ticket to Bliss" in Canada, we are looking to start a Global movement.... Our Mission
To inspire leaders who want to champion positive change in the world
• To provide a centralized association for courageous beings that are expanding what’s possible in all areas of life (religion, science, art, family, medicine, community, cultural relations, and beyond)
• To provide a venue for Agents of Awakening to come together and share, ignite and catalyze each other to new possibilities.

Our Vision
• To ensure that all human beings are born into a world which fosters positive change, self-empowerment and self-expression.

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Awakening Your Awesome - Building Bridges to What's Possible

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