What we're about

This is a group for anyone who likes to sing (pro or amateur) who is interested in helping bring the experience of vocal harmony (Project "Voices as One") to everyone in a simple group events. This group aims to develop a core group of amateur and/or pro singers ("Agents of Harmony").

The mission of the Voices as One project is to help everyone 1) realize that they can participate in the creation of harmony with their voice, even if they don’t consider themselves a singer and even if they have no musical training, and 2) actually have that experience of harmony, felt with their own voice and in their own body.

You should join if using your voice in harmony to connect with others makes you feel good, and you want to help share this experience with as many people as possible.

At the "Agents of Harmony" events: We will test and fine tune both the technology, pieces, and process. After a few test runs, we will use our voices to create well-being in each other and connect with each other in a workshop-style 90-minute event. As a volunteer Harmonic Agent, you will lead people with varying levels of singing experience to discover and create basic harmony, by making vocal tones in your range clearly and with stability. We will also test prototypes of supportive technology that participants will wear in order to know what note to tone at any given time.

The hope is that 2-3 of these "Agents" (ringers) in each vocal range can be at each of the events. The first event will be held sometime before July 16.
This is the grass roots, early stage of a movement towards the use of singers + technology to get massive, stadium-sized crowds singing together in harmony.

If this idea inspires you, whether or not you can volunteer, check out this amazing video of a stadium crowd helping to create a performance: https://youtu.be/81uJZIF9TCs

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Agents of Vocal Harmony - development

825 S. Le Doux Road - Community Room

Agents of Harmony Intro night!

825 S. Le Doux Road - Community Room

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