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We have selected four Lightning talks, each 10 mins long followed by 5 mins Q&A.

Hady Osman: Pods of Anarchy

Unleashing limitless potential through dynamic reorganisation. We are taught that stable teams make a huge difference to performance because they learn how to optimise their processes and work together effectively. However, in industries where change is the only constant, this notion of stability quickly becomes in odds with the necessary flexibility needed for productivity. This talk will walk through the journey that led Xero to experiment with self organising teams, how we actually made it happen and the early results that we are seeing.

Anthony Marter: Having Visions - the role of the Product Owner in the Agile Enterprise

A brief and exciting journey through what the heck a Product Owner does in the Agile Enterprise, why the role has become distinct to that of the Product Manager and Business Analyst and why the backlog is the least of your worries!

Susan Basterfield: Working Out Loud

A Working Out Loud circle is a small peer support group in which you pick a goal and build a network of relationships that can help with that goal. Groups meet for an hour a week for 12 weeks. By the end of your 12 weeks in a circle, you’ll have developed a larger, more diverse network and a set of habits you can apply toward any goal.

Jonathan Scher : Holacracy

Self organised teams, decentralisation of control, scaling... What does Agile looks like at the company level? Holacracy proposes an alternative approach to traditional management. It's been adopted by Zappos in the States - 500 employees. A few companies and non for profits are starting to get interested. In this presentation, I will present how Holacracy solves the problems coming with scaling agile. And if your company is not ready to make the jump, we'll see some ingredients that could be used at a team level.