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Topic focus: Impediments (and why they’re important)

Currently in Genesis, we’re at a cross roads in our agile transformation journey. We’ve put the building blocks for agile ways of working in place. This is what I refer to as ‘doing’ agile. We get the ceremonies and the structure of squads. We understand the need for user centred design. We use boards to create epics, features and user stories. All good stuff. However, to be a truly agile organisation, we need to ‘be’ agile as well. This is a mindset and culture thing. This requires us to be truly cross functional. To really get down to what an MVP is, and why getting the most value out of the least possible thing is important, especially when there are a hundred ideas about what’s important in order for Genesis to evolve.

We’re lucky enough to have the support of our leadership team – in my experience you not only need the groundswell of people wanting to work in agile ways, you need the grunt from the top as well. Our exec for customer talks not just about utilising agile to deliver better and faster, but to embrace continuous improvement, fail and learn, and customer first principles, to help us be a better organisation. His vision is to be recognised as an industry and country-wide leader for implementing agile at scale.

With that in mind, I’d like to look at what impediments we face as an organisation to truly ‘being’ agile. I’m sure that many of these will be familiar to you, and we can share our experiences, and hopefully learn from one another to help our respective organisations grow. The cornerstone of any agile way of working is collaboration, so it’d be great to see that happening here.

Matt George

I’ve worked with agile squads for 8 years, after having a development team show me the light in my time as a product owner. I’m a firm believer that we can make our ways of working - and in turn our culture, our people, and our products – better by using the simple rules that using agile frameworks give us. Focusing on what makes your products better for the people using them should be the key driver for any organisation, and the benefits this brings to the people within the organisation only adds to this.

In my current role as a Tribe Lead within Genesis I’m working with scrum masters, product owners, business owners and squads to help define how we use scrum at scale to make ourselves as effective as possible. Having worked across most of those roles (and more) in an agile capacity, I feel well equipped to help Genesis transform whilst continuing to perform. Experience, blog posts on ways of working and more at