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Cognitive biases

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En la próxima CAS, Gerard Chiva compartirá con todos los asistentes sobre "Cognitive biases". Nosotros tendremos la suerte de poder ver su charla antes en agile-barcelona. La idea es dedicar la primera hora a la charla de Gerard, para luego tener tiempo y espacio para comentar entre todos los contenidos de la misma. Os pongo la descripción de la charla a continuación, abrazo!!

Cognitive biases are unconscious drivers that influence how we see the world. Exerting their influence outside of conscious awareness, adaptive mechanisms evolved to help us make quick, efficient judgments and decisions with minimal cognitive effort. On the one hand, biases are helpful and adaptive. Biases help us use previous knowledge to inform new decisions, a kind of cognitive shorthand, as we don’t have the cognitive resources to make every decision fresh. However, many of our biases can also be unhelpful. Biases can blind us to new information, or inhibit us from considering a broad range of options when making an important decision and choosing our path carefully. In a hyper-connected world where poor decisions can multiply like a chain reaction, breaking free of unhelpful has never been more urgent or important. In this talk we will have a look at main cognitive bias and mitigation strategies that can be put in place in organizations in order to minimize their impact. Everyone can benefit from this talk, but specially those who have some sort of responsibility over other people, like managers, coaches and consultants.