Beyond Teams - Organizational Maturity


What should we start next? Do we have the capacity to do everything we want to do? If we delay something, will the capacity be available when we need it? How will dependencies affect our capacity to deliver? How should we manage them? How many activities should we have running in parallel? Which taxonomies should we take in consideration in our decisions? Do they give us a proper exposure to risk? How will risk review happen? How can we decentralize decisions across the organization for speed up, ensuring at the same time these decisions are strategy aligned? Which feedback loops we should implement across to make information available where is needed? Where are we as an organization? How can we measure? And most important, how can we drive it to the next level?

Your organization is not the sum of their parts. There's much more beyond teams. The aim of this session is to present a way to create the capabilities required to manage it and ensure all these questions can be answered across the organization.

As there's a lot of material to cover, this meetup will be exceptionally longer than usual, a 3 hours session. This is not an introductory meetup. Everyone is welcome, just be conscious we will assume a good understanding of the basics.

RSVP will open on Tuesday, July 11th at 10 am.