Agile Games Special - A Christmas Cracker!


It’s CHRISTMASSS!!! Or not quite, but it is time for another Agile Games Special! Hosted by Gemma Honour and Ceri Newton-Sargunar.

This event is kindly sponsored by OVO, and will be held at their Rivergate, Temple Quay office.

Gemma is a Scrum Master at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) who set up these events to inspire others to bring more learning through games into teams. She is committed to exploring better ways to get people working and learning together.

Ceri is an Agile Behavioural Coach and runs Agile and Behavioural Psychology workshops in-house and at events around the UK, helping teams and individuals progress on their Agile Journey.


Join us for An Agile Christmas Cracker - the games special this December where we bring you ‘Agile Party games’. This event will feature multiple short and simple games that you can take back to your teams to highlight Agile principles or bring about learning and reflection on how work is done.

This session will have more opportunities to try facilitating a game than ever before, and a selection of much shorter games that you can easily learn and take away with you to share with your teams.

Of course, as usual we’ll have a selection of drinks and party snacks to keep up the energy, as we form small groups to rotate around different games.

Part 1 – Games Show and Tell

We’ll briefly introduce the various games - how the game came about, or how the game was adapted as well as what each game can be used for.

Part 2 - Musical Agile Games Chairs (there may or may not actually be chairs)

Join a group and make your way to a game table, there you will meet your facilitator who will run the game for the first time. Then one of you will stay on to facilitate the next group (with the original facilitator to keep you company, and help you out).

Part 3 - brief close
We’ll use this opportunity to find out a bit more about what you’d like us to focus on next for our Spring Agile Games Special Edition!

This workshop is run for our community and by our community. All we want for Christmas is you! Yes, we’d love to get new faces sharing their games and their learning, so please do get in touch with Gemma or Ceri if you would like to discuss sharing a game with the group in either this, or a future Agile Games Special.