Push versus Pull

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Do you want to experience the difference between working in a "pull" (pulling tasks towards you) and a "push" environment (tasks assigned to you)?

Do you want to know what the real effect of limiting work in progress?

Then follow this very interactive workshop about Kanban, with an emphasis on understanding the underlying principles. Kanban is a method that has transparency, ownership, effectiveness, cooperation, balance and respect as core values. How do these take shape in daily work?

This method can be used to keep your personal work 'under control', but is also extremely suitable for any self-managing and self-organizing environment.

About Geert Van Aken

Geert Van Aken is an experienced Scrum Master who makes it his goal to create an agile mindset and an environment in which it is safe to think for yourself and to experiment. He strongly believes that people are able to organize themselves in ways beyond their imagination and that respectfully tapping into the collective wisdom of the group is one of the most beautiful things that can happen during a collaboration.

About Geert Martens

Every day, each of us meets someone who has distanced themselves from their company to a greater or lesser extent. A consequence of this are unhappy employees, a seeking management and a company at a standstill or delay.

If companies want to be permanently successful, they must constantly adapt to the changing world. Everyone within the organisation should be able to contribute to this. As a consequence everyone's involvement starts to rise, resulting in happy employees and leaders, who both embrace flow and change. Companies will become humane, resilient and innovative organizations,

Geert strongly believes in the combination of Sociocracy 3.0 and Kanban (Agile) to accomplish this.

Geert is a certified "Kanban management Professional"