Kris Howard - Traversing the Org Chart



Like many techies, Kris spent her career studious avoiding going into management. Then over the course of three years, she embarked on two radical experiments: The first was to make the leap from an individual contributor on a tech team in a traditional hierarchical company to the person in charge. Then a year and a half later, she took a role as an "all rounder" in a hip startup dedicated to staying as flat and managerless as possible. She'll walk you through the lessons she learned along the way, like: What do managers actually *do* all day long? Is "good manager" an oxymoron? And are you really better off without one? (Spoiler: holacracy isn't all it's cracked up to be!)

About Kris:

For the last twenty years Kris has been helping companies build amazing things online, as a software engineer, business analyst, and team director. She’s worked with and for companies like NineMSN, The Commonwealth Bank, Optus, and Subaru, and Canva. Frequent Speaker at Tech Conferences, Kris is also well involved in groups supporting women in technology. You can find more on Kris here:


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