July 2019 - BoomTown - Agile 2019 Presenter Tina McCoy

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Our own Agile Charleston Meetup member Tina McCoy from BoomTown has been selected to give a talk at the upcoming Agile 2019 Conference in Washington, D.C. in August. Congratulations Tina!

Meetup members, Come experience her talk: "Just Say No! Why Saying No is So Difficult for a Product Owner and How to Make it Easier"

It is extremely difficult to say no - we all know this! However, an essential part of a Product Owner’s role is being able to determine what features will provide the most value to the customer and prioritize those features over others. Being able to say no when necessary is key for Product Owners to successfully build a product that will provide the most value to their customers. Still, many Product Owners find it extremely difficult to say no.
In this session we will talk about why it is so difficult for people, especially Product Owners, to say no. We will discuss the importance and power of the Product Owner’s ability to say no when necessary. We will then learn and apply a variety of techniques that anyone can use to help make saying no easier.

Learning Outcomes:
- Discuss why it is psychologically difficult for people to say
- Discuss reasons why a Product Owner may find it difficult to say no and the importance of being able to say no
- Learn techniques that anyone can use to help make saying no easier