Refactoring Your Organization through an Agile Mindset

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Hi all, as usual, we will kick off the session at 6:30 with open networking at 6. We'll wrap up around 7:30 and should be out by 8.

In this session, Jess Long will lead a talk on how to refactor your organization through an Agile Mindset.

Refactoring Your Organization through an Agile Mindset:
The Agile Mindset can be a driving force to remove organizational impediments and promote continuous improvement within your place of business. As companies strive to become Agile, our day to day business is constantly changing. Oftentimes, we adopt new processes and fail to abandon the old ones. We are pressured to “go faster” without considering the long term consequences.
By the end of this session, we’ll understand the values and principles within an agile mindset and how we can apply practical and influential techniques to promote change. These methods can be applied within your work space to continuously improve your organization.

Jess is an Agile Transformation Leader and Enterprise Coach for LeanDog. Besides authoring several online publications and appearing on multiple podcasts, she is an international speaker.

She was featured as the Opening Keynote Speaker at the 2018 Software-QS-Tag Conference in Frankfurt, Germany and has also spoken in Australia, Portugal, Poland and a variety of Agile conferences all across the United States.

Transforming Corporate America and living to tell about it is no small feat. She keeps some level of sanity by finding humor in otherwise absurd situations. When she's not coaching, she can be found on the beach with her 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old identical twin boys or kayaking along the shoreline.