Ending Technical Debt as an Developer, Scrummaster, Product Owner, or Executive

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Traditional leadership approaches do not work for technical debt, but there is an approach that does. The problem with leading technical debt is that each team has a fundamentally different problem. If you have 100 teams, you don't have a technical debt problem; you have 100 different technical debt problems. Traditional leadership focuses on creating an aligned direction between teams, which is impossible with technical debt because any one direction is wrong. Growing Responsible Ownership™ (GROw™) is a mechanism for leaders to create alignment and effective delivery without the requirement of aligning direction. This allows each team to solve its own technical debt problem without making the situation worse for any other team while leaders help each team get better. Come to this talk to learn how to align without alignment!

Our Speaker:
Arlo Belchee is on a mission to eliminate bugs in the software industry. He has spent the past decade deeply understanding the causes of bugs so that they can be prevented. Having worked as a consultant or full-time employee at several companies, three directly contributed to processes he created to prevent bugs. As CTO of Silver Platter, Arlo used Extreme Programming to scientifically and iteratively improve the way a team works. Building off Microsoft's highly disciplined culture, he then created Code by Refactoring™ as a more effective way to do refactoring at scale, eliminating code that is hard to read or risky to modify.
Come mingle, meet like minds over some food and drinks and then settle in to learn a few new things to take back to your teams

AUDIENCE - Leaders, positional or otherwise, at companies that struggle with technical debt.

6:00 - 6:30 Enjoy food and drinks while mingling
6:30 - 6:45 Quick announcements and Job search discussion. If you
are looking and you can target 2 companies you are
interested in, please come prepared to share with the
groups. Never know who is in the audience and who they
6:45 - 8:00 Presentation and then clean up.