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SPECIAL Monthly Meeting: Your Retrospective Format Doesn't Matter

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Everyone at Agile Denver are excited for World Retrospective Day!! This is a a volunteer-based, globally coordinated effort to share in the power of retrospectives that takes place on February 6th, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: February's monthly meeting with NOT be held on the fourth Monday of February (2/22/18) and instead be held the FIRST TUESDAY of February (2/6/18). This is a special event and normal meeting day/time will resume in March!

See you there :)

Your Retrospective Format Doesn't Matter

As Agile coaches we often spend a lot of time coming up with varied formats for our team retrospectives however what we are really trying to achieve is gathering better data. After hosting countless retrospectives both in person and online, I started paying more attention to what types of things people were posting. I sorted through stickies, spreadsheets, and flip charts and distilled all of the types of cards posted into five key types of data that are critical to great retrospectives. These are Stats, Events, Kudos, Observations, and Past Retros. Stats look at concrete numbers and performance metrics like through put, velocity, and cycle time and give teams something measurable to improve against. Events help the team create a shared context and invite memories of what took place. Kudos for a job well done set a positive tone for the team to open up. Observations allow everyone on the team a chance to be heard and express their unique point of view. And lastly, Past retro data keeps us accountable and action-oriented in our improvements so we never get stuck. In this session we will walk through why each of these are important and HOW to make sure you get a good balance of all five types of data.

Colleen Johnson

Colleen Johnson is the Practice Director of Adaptive Agile at ImagineX Consulting. Colleen applies a systems thinking approach to aligning agile methodologies across the enterprise and works with clients to apply the right cultural and context-driven practices to create sustainable agility. She is an expert in Lean/Kanban methods of software delivery and advocates for LeanStartup principles using scientific methods of customer-centered discovery. She has served as a board member for Agile Denver and as a chair for 2016 & 2017 Mile High Agile Conferences. She is an active board member for the Agile Uprising. Colleen is the COO and cofounder of ScatterSpoke, a space for more effective team retrospectives.

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