Brain-based coaching: Facilitating learning and progress when reviewing actions


In this session we will keep exploring how our brains and minds work.

Our brains have developed over hundreds of thousands of years to keep us alive in a very different environment than where we live and work today.

We do not necessarily focus on what is useful – particularly when we have not met expectations. In this session we will take a closer look at the neuroscience of learning and progress. More importantly, we will get to practice hands-on coaching: how to review actions in a brain-friendly manner.

When we learn to better understand our brain and to work “with the brain in mind”, we can have surprisingly large positive effects on performance and wellbeing with seemingly small actions.

The host is Kirsi Mikkonen from Nitor. The facilitator of the session is Arto Miekkavaara from the NeuroLeadership Group.

Please note:

• That the location is new, now at the Nitor office.

• As the space is limited, we would kindly ask you to enroll only if you are sure you can participate and in case of obstacles please cancel on time, so others could enroll!