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The Made, The Making, and The Makers: Reaching Past Process In Agility

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Join us at Agile Fredericksburg as Mike (GeePaw) Hill brings us the talk "The Made, The Making, and The Makers: Reaching Past Process In Agility".

Twenty years into the agile experience, the reports from the field are mixed. Some organizations adopt a given flavor of agility and thrive, while others adopt the same brand and suffer greatly. Why? The most obvious visible aspect of a successful agile organization is its structure: the processes, the terminology, the artifacts, the flow of control. But these are not agility, they're just the visible surface. The heart of every success with agility isn't structure at all, it's the engine running at the center that continuously forms and re-forms that structure. That engine is the thick collaborative culture that maintains a steady triple focus on The Made, The Making, and The Makers. To succeed using agile techniques, we have to push past the visible structure, into where the magic happens, the continuous collaborative creation of that structure.

Join GeePaw, as he takes us on a tour of the main visible features of agile systems, and shows the deeper connections that shape them. We'll consider:

* working with stories,
* sprints and pull+swarm,
* test-driven development,
* continuous integration and deployment,
* retrospectives and standups,

all with an eye towards understanding how they relate to the triple focus engine at the center of actual agility: The Made, The Making, and the Makers.

Meeting Agenda:
6:00 Food
6:30 Speaker's Presentation
7:30 Discussion & Networking
8:00 Conclusion

GeePaw Hill is an independent software development coach. A geek for nearly 40 years, he has been doing, teaching, and coaching software using the various techniques of agility since the late '90s. He has worked with large teams and tiny ones all over the world, creating everything from satellite control modules to desktop graphics to that old standby, it-puts-the database-on-the-browser. As a speaker, he is well known for a humorous mixture of irreverence and insight. GeePaw lives in central Virginia at an intentional community, with his glorious and ever-growing family.