9th meetup on Lean&Agile @ Thessaloniki


hello community!

you are all invited to 9th Thessaloniki's agile meetup, on Thursday 10th of December!

In this meetup, we are glad to have Nick Meggoudis (https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=AAkAAAYW68QBHItRrE2VxyiN5KJmU_1Ih2T-8SU&authType=NAME_SEARCH&authToken=rNTc&locale=en_US&trk=tyah&trkInfo=clickedVertical%3Amynetwork%2CclickedEntityId%3A102165444%2CauthType%3ANAME_SEARCH%2Cidx%3A1-1-1%2CtarId%3A1448870743083%2Ctas%3ANick%20Meggoudis%20) that will show us what is Story Mapping, how could be used and why it is important in creating and managing your product backlog!

It's going to be an interactive workshop that will help you get the most of this practice...so don't miss this opportunity to learn, share and discuss!

kind regards

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