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Agile HR offers you a mindset to help you transform organisations for the future of work.

We're a global learning network on a mission to innovate HR and people practices.

In a disruptive and complex world, great People Experience & Operations (PXO) underpin the business agility necessary to rapidly respond and deliver value to your customer.

We help you build a holistic employee experience, like a customer journey, full of moments that matter for your people and brand. Crucial to all of this is the Agile mindset and ways of working. Through our Meetups, we’ll guide you in how to work evidenced-based, use human-centric design and co-create through experimentation and testing.

All welcome

Open to anyone willing and able to innovate the human side of their workplace. Example members include HR Directors, HR Business Partners, Learning and Development specialists, Agile coaches and People and Change consultants.

What you get

• Practical case studies, insights, and real-world examples from market-leading experts

• An opportunity to take part in a live Q&A

• Interactive learning and peer discussion

The Agile HR Meetup is global and online.

We're all about...

Agile Mindset

It's crucial to adopt an Agile mindset and Agile ways of working. These put the customer at the heart of everything and allow you to deliver value early and often. Through our learning and coaching we’ll guide you to work evidenced-based and use human-centric design and experimentation to rapidly build prototypes, test them and co-create solutions.

Employee Experience

We help you build a holistic employee experience to delight and engage your people, like a customer journey, full of moments that matter for your people and brand.

Human-centric Design

Co-create people-friendly products and services validated by employee feedback. No more big bang releases of one-size-fits-all processes and systems designed and built in isolation. When you co-create with the business, rather than implementing solutions on to them, you automatically gain buy-in as you go.


Experiment, prototype and test to make data-driven decisions. No more resorting to best-practice. Find out what actually works now, for your context, your organisation and your people. Identify needs to bring real business value and prioritise what work is the most important at that moment.


Enable people to self-organise, learn through feedback and take ownership. Let employees do the job they were hired for and deploy servant-leadership where managers’ roles are to provide the vision and support teams.


Support virtual, flexible working and learning through great workplace tech. A seamless digital experience within the workplace is no longer just a perk it is an absolute necessity if you are to build a resilient, adaptive and high performing organisation.


Connect your purpose and vision to the future of our planet. Increasingly, the right thing to do for the planet is also the right thing to gain business advantage. Know that your ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) practices not only make you more appealing than your competitors but more viable too.

Business Agility

Evolve business and HR operating models through multi-functional teams, collaboration and creativity. To be resilient business needs to react and adapt to rapid changes in the market. Successful business agility creates organisations that can’t help but generate competitive business ideas.

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