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The Art of Visualising Software Architecture

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In January we're pleased to announced that we will have a special guest, Simon Brown ( - who is a leading contributor to bringing the worlds of software architecture and agility together.

A summary of his presentation and his biography follows. Even if you're not a software architect, his thoughts on a lightweight method of communication which also allows for an solid and emergent structure will no doubt be very interesting.

Hope to see you there! (venue to be announced shortly)

Title: The Art of Visualising Software Architecture
A consistent, shared vision is essential in order for teams to push in the same direction, but it's surprising that many teams struggle to effectively communicate the architecture of the software they are building. As an industry we do have the Unified Modeling Language (UML), yet many people favour informal boxes and lines sketches instead. The problem is that such diagrams rarely make any sense, usually need a narrative to accompany them and ultimately slow the team down. Although we can argue whether UML offers an effective way to communicate software architecture, that's often irrelevant because many teams have already thrown out UML or simply don't know it. Abandoning UML is one thing but, in the race for agility, many software development teams have lost the ability to communicate visually too.

This session is about improving communication. You'll see some patterns and anti-patterns related to "boxes and lines" diagrams, and you'll learn some lightweight techniques for communicating software architecture using my C4 software architecture model.


Simon is an independent software development consultant specialising in software architecture; specifically technical leadership, communication and lightweight, pragmatic approaches to software architecture. He is the author of two books about software architecture; “Software Architecture for Developers” (a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility) and “The Art of Visualising Software Architecture” (a guide to communicating software architecture with sketches, diagrams and models). Simon is also the creator of the “C4 software architecture model” and the founder of Structurizr, a SaaS product to create web-based software architecture diagrams using code.
Twitter: @simonbrown