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Tired of the same old retrospectives? Looking for new ideas? Covid certainly has changed the way we work and meet, and most likely the way we facilitate retrospectives as well.

Join us on January 28 as co-host Jennifer Bullock walks us through a retrospective on the topic of Agile KC as a meetup + working-from-home in a pandemic.

1. Participate in an interactive remote-facilitated retrospective. We will debrief and provide opportunity to share tips and tricks of facilitating remote retrospectives.
2. Our retrospective focus will be two-fold:
o Share what you learned in 2020 pertaining to working from home, what challenges you overcame, and what still challenges you.
o As Agile KC hosts, we are practicing what we preach by including focus on the meetup itself - share what you liked, what you would like to see us do differently, and something you would like to learn in 2021.

Jennifer Bullock has led distributed teams throughout her experience as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Jennifer geeks out on designing interactive retrospectives that level the playing field, build trust, and promote participation, with a focus on continuous improvement. She is always looking for ways to improve team communication and collaboration, identifying new techniques and practices which she then tests with the teams she works with.