Agile KC August: Virtual Training with Brain Science Learning Principles

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Everything went virtual more than a year ago. Are you still wondering Which, Why & How of Virtual Tools and Techniques to use?

Join us in this highly experiential, 1 hour live online, learner driven session that will focus on 6 learning principles that maximize learning effectiveness and accelerate content retention.

ln this Meetup session, learners will learn by doing!!! Participants will experience several brain-based tools and techniques in a fun way that they can immediately use in their upcoming training, presentation, workshop, business pitch or delivery of HR policies in both online and in-room format.


Hi, my name is Kriti Jaising Founder & CEO of Concepts & Beyond ( I am a facilitative trainer and instructional designer. I believe in making learning fun and “Training from the BACK of the Room” gives me the ability and framework to transform any learning material into an interactive & engaging experience. I had the rare opportunity to contribute in creating the TBR-Virtual Edition (TBR-VE) Class with Sharon and 11 other great trainers from around the world. I have over 25 years of experience in advertising, traditional & digital marketing, consumer research, events management and training. I’ve also implemented the values of TBR into sales, consumer research, and education, thus improving the quality of learning as a whole. You can follow me on Twitter @Kriti Jaising and connect on LinkedIn

I am Anil Jaising and I lead Concepts & Beyond, an Agile, DevOps and organizational change training and consulting firm. My role is focused on Agile, product management, and organizational change. I am also charged with changing mindsets of senior executives and teams. From the beginning of my career in 1993, I realized that if I wanted my audience to experience and learn new ideas, I had to deliver impactful presentations and facilitate them effectively. “Training from the BACK of the Room” has dramatically changed how I deliver my workshops and the impact it has made on my audiences, both in-person and now in the Virtual Edition. I had the rare opportunity to contribute in the creation of the TBR-Virtual Edition (TBR-VE) Class with other great trainers from around the world. You can reach me here: or on Twitter @aniljaising.