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Kanban and Build Ship Experiment - game night #2

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Kanban is based on the pull system and it’s not always intuitive. That is why we will run a Build Ship Experiment (itself actually a flow experiment) to show the difference between the two work systems: Push vs Pull.
In one system, a consistent and continuous workflow is never achieved because the rhythm is determined by external pressure. The other system achieves equal, if not better, results because it regulates the inflow of work into the system through which a continuous workflow is then established.

There are many things in a flow-based system(pull) that seems counter-intuitive. E.g.
§ We are faster, even if we are not working at full speed.
§ We have enough time for work for which we normally never have time.
§ We become more predictable when we set limits for ourselves.
§ When everything has priority, then nothing has priority.
§ The later we start the work, the better it is for the customer.
§ Local optimization results in global sub-optimization.

Yehor Kachanov -, Accenture Agile Practitioner and leader behind Agile Community of practice in Riga office.
Yehor is a passionate about helping others to be effective, break the old status quo and help to create a new way of working. He likes to generate enthusiasm and energy in others and to be creative in removing impediments to creativity. He is a servant-leader who supports the development team, product owner and organisation in different ways.