Game night #4 - do you have Kanban? Let's play together to find out!

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Have you ever though that Kanban it's not only a board you probably have in front of your team? It's also not only about having a classical phases like TODO -> IN-PROGRESS -> DONE (say "Hi!" to Scrum) with moving your colorful stickers along the board. Have you ever though what it means to build a pullout system which is Kanban and what are the benefits of having such a system?

Just think about this a little bit: Kanban is all about visualizing your processes, limiting your work in progress (WIP), managing the flow, making your policies explicit, implementing feedback loops, and collaborative improvement (and experimental evolvement). If you don't have at least these basic practices implemented within your teams (not even mentioning the core values like transparency, flow, agreement, balance, etc.) - you don't have Kanban at all.

Interesting? Do you want to see and understand how it's done and how it works in reality? You've got a great opportunity within our Accenture Agile Community of Practice!

Let's just simulate the process. How? Let's play in The getKanban Board Game.

The getKanban Board Game is a physical game designed to teach the concepts and mechanics of Kanban for software development in a workshop setting. It's hands-on, engaging, and fun!

More details about this game can be found here: Join us and be a part of the exciting Kanban World!

About the facilitator: Sergii Rostovskyi
Sergii spent most of his professional experience studying Agile related approaches for building and delivering the associated business values, principles, practices and leadership culture in general. He believes in success through cultural alignment and collaborative partnerships, but not pre-templated solutions. He’s actively interested in the development of Scaled Agile approaches (SAFe, LeSS) and he uses its principles when implementing Agile at the corporate level.

Currently lives in Riga (Latvia) and works for the Accenture international company as Agile Coach, Scrum-Master, Delivery Lead and leader in various thematic communities.