Management 3.0 days in Riga: Delegation Board Workshop

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We are inviting you to participate in 2 days of deep immersion in theory and practice of management 3.0 which will happen on July 8th and 9th. The program will consist of two days. On the first day we will have a workshop (Delegation Board) - everyone is welcome. For those who want to deepen their knowledge - the second day will be the official training from Management 3.0 with the subsequent certification. The hosting site is kindly provided by Tieto.

Delegation Board - a tool to protect the team from the manager.
One day, our team agreed with the manager Stepan that we will make decisions on the distribution of part of the bonuses on our own. Carefully weighing the pros and cons Stepan agreed to give us as much as 50%. He hoped that this would increase our outcomes and co-operation. He was not mistaken - we worked cool and rolled out several releases in six months. But a week before day X, Stepan left to work at Tesla. And the manager Alina came to us, who did not know about the agreement and therefore she divided everything herself. We were crushed ... However, on the next sprint retrospective, we worked out options for correcting such an annoying situation and discovered the Delegation Board. Presented in the form of a visual table, easy to fill with cases and solutions, Delegation Board, allows you to fix the agreement with the manager openly. Also, the creation of such boards actively drives the growth of self-organization in the team.