• Improving communication by Active Listening

    Online event

    From one side, listening seems to be a very basic skill. We all go through our daily lives engaging in many conversations. So what is Active listening really about? Active listeners use verbal and non-verbal techniques to show and keep their attention on the speaker. They listen for meaning, listen to understand the other view, and how the other person is feeling when saying it. This skill can help you overcome disagreements and resolve problems, build and maintain relationships, improve productivity. Actually, being a good listener is no less important than being a good speaker. In this meetup we will explore and experiment with some active listening techniques in a safe and friendly environment. Who can benefit from using this approach? As agile is about collaboration, this skills will be beneficial for everyone - agile practitioners, Scrum Masters, Product owners, managers, team members... This will be an Online event structured as workshop, where you will be participating using Zoom video and interacting in a small and whole-group setting. We will need your webcam turned on for practical part, as it creates more meaningful interactions with others when we see each other’s faces. You will get the link for the video call shortly before the event.

  • Engaging meetings with liberating structures

    Online event

    - When you feel included and engaged, do you do a better job? - Do you think teams in which people work well together produce much better results? - Have you noticed the best ideas often come from unexpected sources? Liberating Structures are easy-to-learn interaction methods that help to foster lively participation in groups of any size, making it possible to truly include and unleash everyone. In this meetup we will explore and experiment with some liberating structures in a safe and friendly environment. Who can benefit from using this approach: Agile practitioners, Scrum Masters, facilitators, managers, trainers... practically anyone! What to expect. This will be an Online event structured as workshop. We invite you to dedicate 90 minutes of your full attention. We will use Zoom with video - on and Miro online board. Use a desktop Zoom app and browser for best results. You will get the link for the video call shortly before the event.

  • Tips and tricks for teams and individuals working remotely

    Needs a location

    Welcome to tips and tricks for remote teams! Or how to survive while Working From Home. During this one hour webinar we will together look into 10 best practices for working in remote teams. The webinar is run by Leonid Uljankin from AgileMinds.lv expert in facilitation and work with distributed teams. Event will be run on Zoom platform here: https://zoom.us/j/266247982

  • Scrum Master Camp



    Dear friends! We are happy to invite you to unique event for Scrum Masters and Agile coaches. First ever in Latvia, one day camp where Scrum fans and practitioners will meet under one roof to share knowledge, get insights and new ideas, learn from each other failures and successes, enjoy friendly atmosphere and feel the energy of open space co-creation. This event is non-profit and we will invite you to pay a small fee to cover venue and food expenses. Agenda: 10:00 Welcome and coffee 10:15 Keynote - Leonid Uljankin with "What does the market have to offer for me as a Scrum Master in Europe" 10:45 Open Space opening - we together build an agenda for the day 11:15 Sessions in 3 separate tracks 12:15 Lunch 13:00 Sessions in 3 separate tracks 14:45 Open space closing 15:45 Closing the Camp 16:00 Going home or to afterparty TBD Learn more about open space here - https://www.agilealliance.org/glossary/open-space

  • Agile Alias + Agile Animal Farm #GameNight

    TET centrālais birojs


    Dear friends! We've prepared for you 2 amazing Agile games - Agile Alias and Agile Animal Farm. Agile Alias by Jānis Lama Do you like Alias or maybe Party Alias game? I think you like it! How about play Agile / Scrum / Kanban Alias? Can you explain Sprint burndown chart with no words? Will your team understand that you are drawing Product Owner by using only special symbols? We can guarantee learning in fun style, with lot of smile, silly situations and new friends! Yeah.. Agile can be fun! Agile Animal Farm by PIerre Neis What do we gonna do? We often talk about unique Agile culture and inevitable Agile transformations. What is Agile Culture and how can we measure it? We offer you to play with us the game Agile Animal Farm, which demonstrates behavior patterns in the teams. What do you learn? After the game Agile Animal Farm you will learn how to identify seagulls, rats and other “animals” in your team 😊. Agile Animal Farm is a good tool to work with responsibility in the team. You can use it for the next retrospective For whom is this game? We would be glad to see anyone who is interested in Agile and team work and would like to have new connections and fun! We are looking forward to see you at TET office on[masked]:00-21:00!

  • The Scrum PB&J - A clinic for Product Owners and Scrum Masters.

    Accenture Latvia


    Dear friends! Since the New Year is approaching, and the last month is usually full of various entertaining and educational activities, why not hold a meeting that will set a goal for the next year, for many undecided people? Together with our guest Thomas van Zuijlen - a passionate facilitator and agile geek from The Netherlands, we’ll explore the balance between the Product Owner and the Scrum Master in a workshop called The Scrum PB&J. Using your personal experience in a series of hands-on exercises, we’ll get a clearer sense of what you need from your counterpart. Join the clinic with your Scrum Master or Product Owner and exercise your agile muscles together - our goal is to walk away with renewed insights and an improved sense of how to work together effectively towards a greater Scrum sandwich. Err, team balance. Can’t bring your counterpart? Are you the developer bread in the Scrum sandwich? Have a different job title altogether? No problem: join in and share your perspective - we'll use your valuable insights to see how you can make use of your POs and SMs to be more effective in your own role. A little more about the speaker: He works as a freelance Scrum Master / coach and has a knack for distributed teamwork. A former front-end developer and occasional quiz master, Thomas divides his time between Amsterdam and Vilnius where he works with clients like Ericsson, Leaseweb, FindHotel, Otravo and NOS. His weekly Scrum newsletter is called 📬 The Backlog. https://thebacklog.cc https://vanzuijlen.io https://linkedin.com/in/thomasvanzuijlen Important notice: Place will be announced later. You can freely check-in:)

  • Agile meets coaching. Professionally


    What do we mean by “Coaching as a Profession”? How traditional ICF (International Coaching Federation) principles can be of help to Agile Coaches? We are eager to share our foundation - 11 competencies of ICF. If some of them resonate with you - grab and apply to your work with the clients! From traditional professional coaches community to Agile Community. With love! ❤️ Presenters: Artur Chernikau, ICF PCC, Current President of ICF Latvia Elena Zlygosteva, ICF PCC, Board Member ICF Latvia[masked] Learn more about Elena & Artur: http://teamleadacademy.com

  • Sharing is Carying or Self-Organization Case Studies by Agile Coach, Bogdan

    Today, we'll have an opportunity to talk about experience in Agile Organizations. Format is Case Study on "How did the Team achieve self-organization level" - meaning, how team grew up to being able to make decisions on team staff change, who are the ones Team willing to see in team, who not? What do we have to know? Be aware of? Think of? How do we facilitate the process? Follow the Hashtag: #casestudy #selforganization #selforganizationinaction #teamempowerment #teamforming #hiringandfiring

  • Change is inevitable! Join #GameNight and play Changeban

    Do you want to learn visual management, work in progress limits, optimising your work towards learning and continuous improvements? We will build a process that at the right time asks the right questions (is it valuable, feasible, and usable) and (accordingly) causes experiments to be rejected before more effort is wasted. Changeban is a simple, fun, and highly customisable Lean Startup-flavoured Kanban simulation game. Changeban places a strong emphasis on the knowledge discovery process, organisational learning, etc. It uses a scoring formula that rewards not only successful experiments but also those rejected at different stages of the process. Join our game night and learn how to be even more efficient towards learning. Read more: https://www.agendashift.com/resources/changeban See you soon!

  • Do You ever estimate in Scrum?

    Tieto Latvia

    Most of us already have an experience in different estimation techniques, nevertheless, repetition is the mother of all learning. So, why don't we discuss some of the approaches, as well as our experience on this one. To be more precise, here's two types of esitmating stories: Affinity vs Planning Poker. As well, this meetup will be guided by Bogdan Misura, Agile coach and Management 3.0 practitioner. https://www.linkedin.com/in/bogdan-misyura-1b12379