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Agile:MK November - Open Space – Why is change so hard?

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We all know that the world changes rapidly, with new things becoming completely obsolete in a few short years, new methods being discovered, new competitors entering many markets. To succeed, teams and organisations need to be able to respond to and benefit from all these changes. Agility is all about change: from the fourth point of the Agile manifesto “responding to change over following a plan” to the final principle requiring regular retrospectives where the team changes their process. And we meet at Agile:MK out of a desire to change and improve ourselves and our working lives.

Change is both constant and necessary for survival and growth, both personally and for our companies. And yet we also all know that change can be agonisingly slow when we’re trying to introduce it. Change can be scary and unwelcome when it’s inflicted on us, even if we agree with the need.

At the November Agile:MK meetup we’ll discuss this paradox, try see if we can understand why change is hard, and what we might do to make it easier. We hope to share practical experiences, approaches and practices and explore how to lead change successfully.