Agile:MK March - Open Discussion: Agile Metrics

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It's a well known saying that "you can't manage what you can't measure" but using standard Agile metrics to measure a team can easily backfire.

For example, to try improve productivity a company could set a target for to deliver more story points. They'll find more story points will be delivered but it won't actually indicate improved productivity, just story point inflation. Story points are supposed to be used to help teams plan sprints, but the inflation means this doesn't really work any more.

So measuring teams using metrics can backfire. On the other hand, asking company stakeholders to "just trust" a team are performing is a tough idea to sell in most organisations. So what should we do?

In this session we'll discuss our experiences of what we've seen work and not work, which metrics should be just for the team and which can be shared with management, and see if we can all go away with some good ideas to try.