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Do you understand the basics of agile and Scrum, but wish you had a coach or mentor who you could consult when you need some help? Are you an expert in agile and want to give something extra to the community?

Since starting our mentorship programme (http://scrumandkanban.co.uk/about/agile-mentorship-programme/), Scrum & Kanban Limited has been inundated with people wanting to get involved. Although we mentor our mentees on an individual basis (accepting a new mentee every 4 months), we wanted to find a way to help others find mentors so we set up this site.


• Provide mentees with someone to talk to when they need help

• Provide mentors with a way of helping individuals in the agile community

We will do this by:

• displaying profiles of mentees and mentors

• acting as a place where mentees can approach a mentor and/or where mentors can approach a mentee

• enabling members to send private messages to each other

• providing a place to post questions to the programme community and hold discussions


• a fully supervised or moderated programme. We provide this service just to introduce two parties who can help each other; what goes on during the individual mentoring relationship is completely down to the parties involved. We do not take responsibility for any damages, losses or harm done during any relationships that result from introductions through this site. You are fully responsible for your own actions whilst on this site and for your own behaviour and safety off the site too. As an adult, we are assuming that you will take all appropriate precautions to keep yourself and your business safe

• a place to earn money; everyone is doing this for free

• a place for you to come and show off how much, or who, you know. This is about helping people, not boosting your ego

• a place to advertise your business (even if you are a coaching company) or any other products

• a place to promote events (although, if you have details of an event that you think will benefit people on the mentorship programme, by all means send it through to us. We will then decide if it is appropriate and whether it should be posted)

• a place to post blogs

• a job site

If you don't follow these rules, you may be blocked from the site without notice.


• Join the group. In the process, you will be asked various questions which we will then post as your bio for mentors and mentees to read

• Mentees: look through the bios from mentors. If you think one of them fulfils what you are looking for, send them a message through the site

• Mentors: look through the bios from mentees. If you think you can help one of them, feel free to send them a message through the site

• Once you have agreed a mentor/mentee relationship, it’s up to you what happens next. Our work is done. Just remember to change your status to “UNAVAILABLE” so that you don’t continue to get contacted.


This is a public site, so share only what you are prepared for people to see.

"Do you want to be a mentee or mentor?" - A mentee is someone who is looking for help in their journey to understand agile and/or lean. A mentor is someone who is able to help people along this journey.

“Availability?” - This lets people know how much time you are able to give to this programme. For example, “I can give 1 hour per week (weekday evenings only)”. This can be as open or specific as your life allows. Be honest. You don’t want to end up in a relationship with your mentee/mentor where you keep letting them down. Once you are connected to a mentee/mentor, you must edit your profile to say “UNAVAILABLE”, otherwise you may continue to be contacted.

“About me” - Tell us about yourself. If you are a mentee, tell us what you are looking for in a mentor, what experience you have so far, where you work (and whether employed, self-employed, contractor), where you are hoping to get to, your location, etc. If you are a mentor, tell us what you can offer people, your experience, your location, etc.

Try to tell us everything you want to ay but in as few words as possible. Nobody wants to read lots of waffle.

BEWARE: This is a public site so only share what you are happy for people to see. Don’t go sharing company secrets.

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