February Meetup

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Maturity Mapping hands on workshop
- Using Wardley Maps and Cynefin to create context specific maturity models

Facilitator : Chris McDermott

When we look to improve our teams or our organisations we often reach for a maturity model. We’ll start with an assessment that grades us and then offers a recipe to follow to greatness. It might tell us we don’t visualise well enough or our stories aren’t perfectly formed and what we should do to get better but does that really help us? Does it promote continuous learning and does it help us solve the real problems we are facing.

One of the issues with the maturity models we often use is they are context free. They don’t understand the environment, the challenges and the specific needs we have in our context.

In this hands on workshop Chris will explore an alternative, Maturity Mapping. Using Wardley Maps and Cynefin we’ll help you see how to develop situational awareness and build a shared understanding of the practices you use and the unique challenges you face. You’ll then see, with an understanding of your stakeholder needs, where to focus your improvement efforts.

You’ll be presented with a scenario and then be guided through the process of producing a map. You’ll then be made aware of a change and asked what elements of your map you’d move to meet the challenge.

We’ll be at hedgehog lab’s cool office, right near Manors metro in Newcastle. There will be pizza and beer as usual courtesy of our sponsors Scott Logic.