Optimising Team Habits with Albert Vijghen & Lightning Talk by Rob Harris


About the Main Talk by Albert Vighen (travelling from Netherlands )

Do you often feel charged with energy, on top of your time and have a thriving team? Do you have a lot of fun as well as frequently hit your targets? If we have a strong foundation, our personal and professional lives thrive. Keystone habits and a willingness to change are essential for this strong foundation.

We for example all understand that we better live healthily. As Buddha pointed out however, the experience is only real for us if we actually live it. This is where our strategies come in. Making it very easy to consistently do good habits is one of the most effective ways to grow. Living the power of great habits will help you and your team flourish.

In this talk, Albert will guide you through different keystone habits that will balance your stress level, improve your health, productivity, as well as your relationships.

Concrete examples, stories and reflective discussions will be given which focus on immediate improvement and action. I’m greatly looking forward to support you and your team into an upward spiral where fulfilment in your life and work will thrive.

About the Lightning Talk by Rob

In this talk, Rob will discuss what mental health is and the possible causes of poor mental health. He will also talk through some of the signs of mental health issues and introduce what Mental Health First Aiders are and what they can offer. The intent is to keep this as light as possible given the nature of the discussion.

Rob will also have some details for people to take away on getting Mental Health First Aid training and also some details on organisations that can help anyone suffering from poor mental health.


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