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Since April of 2014, Agile Ontario has brought together people passionate about agile practices and better ways to work on our organizations. We are practitioners and coaches that help each-other and share experiences. We want to learn and help each-other.
We meet once a month, every second Saturday of the month, at 10 AM -12 AM at the Marche by the Hockey Hall of Fame. It is a friendly environment where we get together and talk while having breakfast and a coffee. We have a conversation leader that is announced before the meeting, along with the topic of the conversation.

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What is an Agile Coach?

The Marche Brookfield Place Street Level

What makes someone an Agile Coach? How do I become an Agile Coach? Is Agile Coaching the exclusive domain of coaches? What’s the difference between Agile Coaching and simply coaching? How does an Agile Coach manage ‘upwards’? What exactly is coaching anyways? Join us to explore these questions and many more. We will use the Agile Coaching Institute’s (ACI) Competency framework to explore the different domains of an Agile Coach. We will step through the different stances of an Agile Coach and give you the opportunity to try them on. Through this experience, you will start to understand and become conscious of your stance. When you are aware and at choice about your stance, you will help teams, leaders and organizations grow. We will have time for stories from the trenches and Q&A as well. If you want a sneak peek: Agile Coaching is more than a job title - this session is for everyone including Agile Coaches, ScrumMasters, team leaders, people managers, team members, and anyone else who you work with Learning objectives: Being able to explain each of the pieces of the ACI Competency Framework, and identifying where your strengths lie Understanding when it is powerful to use the different stances of an Agile Coach for the sake of the success of the team Know how to grow and expand your Agile Coaching skills Bio Mike Edwards is a sought after executive and leadership coach with more than 30 years working with organizational change. Mike has a unique way to make it safe so you can move forward despite what’s happening all around you. Mike has worked with companies and leaders across North America. Through providing leaders a solid foundation of awareness, and challenging the status quo he has helped leaders achieve more than they thought possible. Mike is a faculty member with the Agile Coaching Institute’s - Agile Coaching Competency Cohort Program. Mike is a regular speaker at conferences around the world. Mike also shares his thoughts on leadership and organizational change through his blog at leadingforchange.ca and as well as other publications.

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How to use conflict to create flow

The Marche Brookfield Place Street Level

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