McCarthy TeamWork BootCamp - A Sampler

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Agile Orlando
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Join us for an after-work, hands-on virtual session that will introduce a technique to build strong teams, even when working virtually.

What is important is not your physical proximity -- it's your mental alignment. In this workshop, Fazeel Gareeboo steps you through an exercise that helps you to discover, articulate, and achieve your goals. At the end of the workshop, you'll have better skills for alignment and achieving successful outcomes!

A software development director at EA Sports Tiburon, Fazeel Gareeboo manages a team that provides automated builds and smoke-tests for the studio. Before moving into management, he developed computer aided design (CAD) software and wrote device drivers for Windows and MicroStation, including the first 2048x2048 Windows device driver—for Bill Gates’ house. He grew up on the island of Mauritius and worked in Europe before settling in the United States.