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Are you passionate about combining people and agile to create engagement? Do you find most of todays traditionally managed organizations boring places to work in? If you also believe that there is a better way to manage (or self organize!) our companies to make them better places to work in, this is definitely the meetup group for you. We arrange free network meetings and also conferences and trainings with a cost attached - 5% of the income will always go back to Agile People to make sure that we can continue the important work of making a future, better world of work. Welcome, together we create better organizations :)

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Agile People Oslo - Smidig HR og HR i RiksTV

Online event

In this webinar you will learn what Agile HR is about and how RiksTV used Agile principles in their transformation journey. Meet Pia-Maria Thorèn and Tobias Falkenberg. Pia-Maria is the author of Agile People - A Radical Approach for HR and Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees), and the founder of Agile People. Agile People is a global network of people who work to improve workplaces by helping HR and leaders to attain an agile mindset for the future of work by using agile tools, methods, values, and principles. Pia-Maria specializes in helping companies to move towards a culture of increased agility through Agile HR, Agile leadership and Motivation. She will give an induction to Agile HR and her experiences as a pioneer in the field. Tobias is Director of People and Culture at RiksTV, one of Norway’s leading TV distributor. He will tall about RiksTV transformation journey to change and position themselves as a technology company in an industry in continuous change. To transform and stay competitive & innovative RiksTV used Lean and Agile principles, Tobias played an important role by pushing the flywheel, preaching about transparency, collaboration and growth, and coached teams and managers to continuously improve performance Tobias is the co-founder and runs “Smidigpoden”, a podcast about agile culture and leadership with over 750 listeners every week. We hope to see you in this on-line event!!

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