Buddy System, a path towards agile and learning organizations

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Buddy System creates an agile learning organization.

In a world characterized by increasing pace of change and complexity (VUCA), we need to find ways to organize ourselves in order to continuously learn, develop and make decisions and thus increase the organizational result.

The Buddy System is a way to complement our organizations and create a durable flexible structure - network of networks - that can be used in many ways. Many would call it an agile learning organization.

On this Meetup we will go through what a Buddy System is, why it is good and also some history and examples. We also look at how it uses already existing structures in organizations and can supports development of self-leadership and well-functioning teams.

Buddy System is a way to realize and provide the conditions for a learning organization. We also go through a case – DEK Technologies – where Paolo Damelio will share how they are organizing such a structure. A Buddy system is also very useful in traditional organizations, which “softens” structures and can create a basis for development and learning.

There will be a mixed seminar with talks, case and experiment.

17.30 Gathering, light food
18.00 Seminar
19.40 Mingle
20.00 End

Pontus Bergöö from Avega is co-organizer for this meetup.