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Treating the organisation as living system rather than a machine

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Organisations as a 'machine' is a concept that is outdated. We are increasingly seeing organisations as a living organism or complex system. Tonight's speaker from the US will explore this idea in more detail.

*The big idea*
Agile is a mindset.

Research shows over 70% of all strategic agile initiatives fail to meet their desired objectives. A key reason is they approach the organization as a machine to be adjusted rather than a living being to be developed. Strategic initiatives focus on changing what we do, not who we are being. Successful strategy implementations focus on why the organization exists and develops its capability and maturity to execute.

In this talk we explore how the The Living Organization framework addresses the very core of this problem using the deep understanding of living systems and developmental psychology.

*How the night will run*
I will briefly present the Living Organization framework and all its elements. Provide some examples of Living Organizations around the world and open for interactive discussion. The key is to learn and explore how we can increase the success rate of Agile and other like methodologies.

*What people will walk away with*
- A broader perspective of how to position Agile at the Strategic Level of the organization
- A deeper appreciation of human development, the mindset required for any strategic transformation
- Learn about the latest development of cutting-edge Transformational Methodologies in USA and Europe ( Living Organizations, Reinventing Organizations, Corporate Liberation, etc)