ORGANIC agility® - evolving towards organisational resilience


1855 Lorne Street · Regina, sk

How to find us

Please ask security desk to direct you to SaskTel Collaboration Space (right behind security desk to the right of you)

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A drive for efficiency has led organizations to approach their designs, structures, and operations primarily as machines. In stable times this may work well, but the speed and volatility of change in industries, companies, and products today is unprecedented. Overly structured systems and mechanistic designs that are optimized and efficient for stable operating environments fail in today's rapidly changing context.

Creating agility across the organisation as a whole is becoming more and more critical. Fortunately, complexity informed approaches based on resilience and complexity science is now available. ORGANIC agility® is just launching and offers such an approach complimented with a suite of tools and methods. By working with organizations as organisms – living, evolving, complex and interconnected - organizational agility, resilience, and innovation become emergent patterns of the whole which can be leveraged for strategic advantage.

Michael Cheveldave will introduce ORGANIC agility® at our June 3 meetup. ORGANIC agility® is an agile42 service that has been developed in close consultation with Dave Snowden and Cognitive Edge. It is heavily informed by the Cynefin framework, narrative insights, and sense-making.

Michael is a senior consultant, trainer, and facilitator with Cognitive Edge and co-leads the company’s education and training programmes globally.