Coding Dojo: Legacy Code (C# and Java)

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Want to increase your fluency on working with legacy code and don't mind sweating over it? You are probably in the right place.


Rsvp yes if you can commit that whole afternoon to code and answered yes on the 4 prerequisites.

Do not need to rsvp if you are just coming to observe during that time.


Have you experienced codes that are hard to understand and is brittle? How do you deal with that more effectively?

We're going to spend four solid afternoon hours to practice how to work more effectively with legacy code by having coding dojo with the Trivia Game. This code kata is used in Legacy Code Retreat ( and you can find the source codes here . At the end, the legacy code should become cleaner and easier to understand.

A lot of the methods used will be based on Michael Feathers'Working Effectively with Legacy Code ( We will spend most of the time experimenting different strategies and see how it affect the code readability and design.


• Coding dojo randori (

• Two groups of 6-8 people size of different programming language.

Four Prerequisites

1. Read the book Working Effectively with Legacy Code ( or otherwise, read a short article ( about it.

2. Already understood why writing automated unit tests and Test-Driven Development is beneficial.

3. Have experience working in Java, C# or other similar Object-Oriented programming language

4. Able to attend from 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Place and Directions

By Train: Exit F, Farrer Park MRT

This building is secured with a security door. Press #05-01 button beside the door on the ground floor so that we can unlock the access door for you to enter. Take the lift up to level 5 and knock on the door #05-01.

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