An introduction to Systems Thinking - Chandra & Vignesh

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In a child-care school “far-far away”, a kid was running around in one of the classes. Suddenly, he started to cry in pain after he accidentally fell down and broke one of his teeth. The boy’s teacher immediately informed the principal and the parent. Hearing the news, the parents were livid and strictly complained to the principle and held them responsible. From then on, the school had an unwritten rule to not let kids run around as much as possible to avoid repeating such incidents.

Have you faced similar situations in your family, team or organization which led to knee-jerk solutions? Do you think the solution from the school will provide the intended effect? What really made the parent angry? What was the school’s safety policy at that time? What made every teacher agree to that rule? What will be the trade-off from that decision?

In this meetup, we will share part of what we learnt from the systems thinking workshop by Riichiro Oda, a systems thinking practitioner who helps organizations to identify effective solutions. We will share about the Iceberg model, behaviour over time pattern, systems structure using causal loop diagram (CLD), and mental model.

## About Chandra Setiadji
Chandra is currently working as a Software Development Manager at Titansoft, one of the best tech companies to work for in 2017. He is involved in Titansoft’s transformation from a hierarchical structure to a flat organization, from waterfall to agile software development approach in the past 5 years. He is also passionate in individual, people, and organizational culture development. His current way of working/thinking was heavily influenced by the course he attended in past 4 years which are: Co-Active coaching series, problem-solving leadership by Esther Derby, System thinking workshop by Riichiro Oda, and Satir growth model workshop by Jean McLendon and Hugh Gratz.

## About Vignesh
Vignesh is the head of the R&D at Titansoft focused on driving technological innovation. He started off as a developer and has taken on multiple roles including product​ owner, scrum master and tech lead during the last 7 years. He’s passionate about distributed software systems and is currently working on modernizing Titansoft’s architecture using tools and practices like CD, DevOps, infrastructure automation. Outside of work you can catch him playing football with his friends or with strangers online.

## Agenda
6:30pm - Snacks and drinks
7:00pm - Session start
8:00pm - Mingle
8:30pm - End

Special thanks to Titansoft for sponsoring the venue & snacks for this event!