• Learnings from Coaching Beyond the Team

    SP Digital

    ### Registration at Eventbrite! This is a sharing from a few of us who have attended Coaching Beyond the Team workshop by Esther Derby and Don Gray. To find out more and to register, please visit the following Eventbrite URL. https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/learnings-from-coaching-beyond-the-team-tickets-65882671845

  • An introduction to Systems Thinking - Chandra & Vignesh

    In a child-care school “far-far away”, a kid was running around in one of the classes. Suddenly, he started to cry in pain after he accidentally fell down and broke one of his teeth. The boy’s teacher immediately informed the principal and the parent. Hearing the news, the parents were livid and strictly complained to the principle and held them responsible. From then on, the school had an unwritten rule to not let kids run around as much as possible to avoid repeating such incidents. Have you faced similar situations in your family, team or organization which led to knee-jerk solutions? Do you think the solution from the school will provide the intended effect? What really made the parent angry? What was the school’s safety policy at that time? What made every teacher agree to that rule? What will be the trade-off from that decision? In this meetup, we will share part of what we learnt from the systems thinking workshop by Riichiro Oda, a systems thinking practitioner who helps organizations to identify effective solutions. We will share about the Iceberg model, behaviour over time pattern, systems structure using causal loop diagram (CLD), and mental model. ## About Chandra Setiadji Chandra is currently working as a Software Development Manager at Titansoft, one of the best tech companies to work for in 2017. He is involved in Titansoft’s transformation from a hierarchical structure to a flat organization, from waterfall to agile software development approach in the past 5 years. He is also passionate in individual, people, and organizational culture development. His current way of working/thinking was heavily influenced by the course he attended in past 4 years which are: Co-Active coaching series, problem-solving leadership by Esther Derby, System thinking workshop by Riichiro Oda, and Satir growth model workshop by Jean McLendon and Hugh Gratz. ## About Vignesh Vignesh is the head of the R&D at Titansoft focused on driving technological innovation. He started off as a developer and has taken on multiple roles including product​ owner, scrum master and tech lead during the last 7 years. He’s passionate about distributed software systems and is currently working on modernizing Titansoft’s architecture using tools and practices like CD, DevOps, infrastructure automation. Outside of work you can catch him playing football with his friends or with strangers online. ## Agenda 6:30pm - Snacks and drinks 7:00pm - Session start 8:00pm - Mingle 8:30pm - End Special thanks to Titansoft for sponsoring the venue & snacks for this event!

  • Marcelo Cosas - Agile journey series


    On this evening in the Agile Journey series, we have a fireside chat with Marcelo Cosas, Banking Product Delivery Head from Standard Chartered Bank. Topics to be explored include: 1) Agile transformation in large organisations 2) Change agent mastery 3) Working with business 4) and more... ## About Marcelo Cosas Marcelo is a team builder with a passion for delivering digital products with a focus on getting things done using a hands-on approach. He is a seasoned leader with over 29 years of experience within the financial sector and software development, has a strong international track record leading multimillion-dollar product delivery and diverse teams. He is a collaborative leader dedicated to the art of software delivery by keeping it lightweight, lean, agile and open source. He is passionate about Innovation and how fast technology is re-shaping the world of banking ## Agenda 6:30pm - Snacks and drinks 7:00pm - Fireside chat 8:00pm - Mingle 8:30pm - End Special thanks to Titansoft for sponsoring the venue for this event!

  • URA Digital Planning Lab by Yangfan & Kah Hou - Agile journey series

    In order to support URA's increasingly dynamic planning workflows, URA's Information Systems and Geospatial Group has to change the way we develop software to enable rapid prototyping, experimentation of new ideas, and quicker updates to our in-house developed Digital Planning Tools. We will share our journey in setting up an Agile DevOps pipeline within the Government intranet environment, including Phabricator for task management using Kanban boards, technical wiki documentation, on-site git repository hosting, Arcanist for code review and linting, and Jenkins for server-based build and deployment. This pipeline has automated our software release process from hours to 1-click. ## About Zhang Yangfan Yangfan is a Software Engineer with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). She pursues her passion for process improvement, automation and innovation through driving the DevOps transformation for agile in-house digital planning tool development, and leading URA’s in-house chat bot explorations. Prior to joining URA in 2015, Yangfan did a 3 month software engineering internship at Facebook HQ. Yangfan holds a First Class Honours MEng Computing degree from Imperial College London. ## About Teo Kah Hou Kah Hou is a systems analyst with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). He is part of the 3D team in URA whose work revolves around the intersection of urban design and geospatial technology, using 3D modelling and simulation to help planners and architects formulate, visualise, and assess future development plans. He also works with fellow colleagues to transform the way in-house applications are developed and delivered to meet planning needs. Kah Hou holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a minor in Geographical Information Systems from National University of Singapore. ## Agenda 6:30pm - Snacks and drinks 7:00pm - Presentation 8:00pm - Mingle 8:30pm - End Special thanks to URA for sponsoring the venue!

  • SP Digital by Winston Teo - Agile journey series

    We're starting a new series where we invite people to share their experience in the organisation on the theme, Agile journey. On this evening, we'll have a fireside chat with Winston Teo from SP Digital. Topics to be explored include: - Changes that made a positive impact - Ways to lower the cost of change (e.g. technical practices) - Creating a continuous improvement environment - Hiring and building self-managing teams - Working with business - Future - and more... ## About Winston Teo Winston currently leads the Engineering Productivity Group in SP Digital where he's learning the fine arts of engineering management and championing engineering effectiveness for the whole of SP Digital. He's also known as a full-stack engineer, entrepreneur and startup advisor. Winston’s experience in startups started about 10 years ago with numerous successful startups including Wego, Viki, Friendster amongst others. His software engineering skills and practices were honed in Pivotal Labs where Agile methodologies like Pair Programming and TDD were his daily routine for 3 years straight. Before joining SP Group, he was the founder of Jolly Good Code, a software and training consultancy that specialised in Agile methodologies and Ruby. ## Agenda 6:30pm - Snacks and drinks 7:00pm - Fireside chat 8:00pm - Mingle 8:30pm - End Special thanks to SP Digital for sponsoring the venue for this event!

  • Multi-learning and # Backlogs by Lv Yi


    In the large-scale product development organization, backlogs are pervasive. Backlogs are the manifestation of various specializations. Why more backlogs? Efficiency is the main driver. What are the consequences? The increased end-to-end cycle time for delivery and the reduced flexibility to maximize value. The number of backlogs is the key lever in achieving agility - fewer backlogs, more agility. Multi-learning means learning across functions, technical domains and customer domains. More multi-learning enables fewer backlogs, while fewer backlogs drive more multi-learning. Join us for this conversational session with Lv Yi as he explores how large-scale product organization grows rigidity and possible ways to deal with it. Target audience: Not limited to developers, ScrumMasters, coaches, Product Owners and managers Agenda 6:30pm - Snacks and drinks 7:00pm - Session start 8:00pm - Social 8:30pm - End Special thanks to Titansoft for sponsoring the venue and snacks! About Lv Yi Lv Yi lives in Hangzhou, China. He is the first Certified Scrum Trainer from China since 2008. He is also a Certified LeSS Trainer since 2018. As a coach at Odd-e, he gives his best expertise to help more organizations transform to Agile, and coach teams to improve their output and learning. He has worked in various positions in the telecom industry since graduation in 2000, ranging from Software Developer to Management position such as development manager, project manager and quality manager. From late 2005, he started to get acquainted with Agile software development, in particular, Scrum. First, he introduced Scrum to manage the projects, then, acted as a driving force in transforming the whole product organization. He led a department inside that product organization and focused on developing teams and Scrum Masters to create sustainability. It was not an easy 5-year journey, but a very rewarding one in terms of both improving the business and the people. Since he joined Odd-e at the end of 2010, he worked with more industries, recently focusing on the ​Internet industry.

  • Redefining Leadership by Esther Derby & Don Gray

    Credit Suisse, Wealth Institute

    For registration, please visit https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/redefining-leadership-by-esther-derby-don-gray-tickets-57156851682 ### Abstract Traditional definitions of leadership emphasize position, formal authority and power, vision, heroics. Those definitions might have been sufficient in another time. Organizations that need to respond to a fast-changing environment and desire continuous improvement require a different kind of leadership and a different kind of leader. Join us 7-March as we explore ways to lead knowledge workers. Participants will design a leadership experiment to try in their workplace. Target audience: Not limited to developers, ScrumMasters, coaches, Product Owners and managers ### Agenda 6:30pm - Snacks and drinks 7:00pm - Session starts 8:30pm - Session ends ### About Esther Derby I started my career as a programmer, and over the years I’ve worn many hats, including business owner, internal consultant and manager. From all these perspectives, one thing became clear: our level of individual, team and company success was deeply impacted by our work environment and organizational dynamics. As a result, I have spent the last twenty-five years helping companies design their environment, culture, and human dynamics for optimum success. I’ve written over 100 articles and co-authored two books–Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great and Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management. I write about management, leadership, collaboration, organizations and change (or another topic I’m currently exploring). I’m an original founder of the Scrum Alliance and the AYE Conference, and I have served two terms on the Board of Directors for the Agile Alliance. ### About Don Gray My experience across a variety of industries, from small startups to Fortune 50 organizations, provides a solid platform for assisting clients through their transition to Agile development practices. I incorporate my study of communication, personality types, team styles, systems thinking, and human systems dynamics into my work and writing. You can find a number of my articles published at Better Software magazine and StickyMinds.com. I frequently speak at local and regional conferences as well as Agile Development Practices and the Agile 201x Conferences. ### Venue Sponsor Many thanks to Credit Suisse for sponsoring their venue for this event!

  • You Can't Be Agile If Your Code Sucks by Peter Gfader

    Spaces City Hall

    Special thanks to Zühlke for sponsoring the venue and food! ### Agenda 6:30pm - Food and drinks 7:00pm - Talk starts 8:00pm - Q&A ## Abstract Our industry has a problem: We are not lacking software methodologies, programming languages, tools or frameworks but we need great software engineers. Great software engineer teams build quality-in and deliver great software on a regular basis. The technical excellence of those engineers will help you escape the "Waterfall sandwich" and make your organization a little more agile, from the inception of an idea till they go live. I will talk about my experiences from the last 15 years, including small software delivery teams until big financial institutions. Why would a company like to be "agile"? How can a company achieve that? How can you achieve Technical Excellence in your software teams? What developer skills are more important than languages, methods or frameworks? This will be an interactive session with a Q&A at the end. ## About Peter Peter hates bad products. So, he joined scrum.org and Zühlke, where he works with people, teams and organisations to try to improve the software engineering profession. The drive for improvement (and the smell of coffee) gets him out of bed in the morning. Peter is on a journey to make everyone happy. If he isn’t riding a mountain bike or playing the trumpet, you might find him at a local user group, hanging out with other nerds!

  • Agile life


    Coming from IT to build better products better, Agile is spreading everywhere today with a goal of bringing to people what they really need, continuously learning from results and adapting accordingly. Highly passionate about improvement of the way people work and live, Sergey brings Agile not only to Multi National Corporations, but also to teams, to communities and now to the life of individuals. He would love to share his journey and experience to help you to learn how to find what is truly important for you and how to make it happen effectively. It will be a mix of presentation, sharing Agile life methodology, best practices and personal examples, and facilitated group interactions where you can apply these learnings and build your own best practices to improve your life. Photos and feedback from previously delivered session: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/agile-life-singapore-september-27th-sergey-larionov/ About speaker: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sergey-larionov-91912450/

  • Creating more value out of your mobile automation tests by Kenneth Poon

    Singapore Power Digital Technology

    ### Abstract End to end automation tests have become very popular in the mobile app development space. However, these tests are not easy to write and maintain. In this talk, the speaker will introduce 2 types of integration tests to help mobile development team get faster feedback and showcase the use of BDD in those tests. - Mobile Contract Tests - Mock Response Test Theme: Development Practices & Craftsmanship Audience Level: Learning ### Agenda 7:00pm - Social and snacks 7:30pm - Talk starts 8:20pm - Q&A ### About Kenneth Poon Principal Software Engineer at SP Digital. Experienced iOS Developer who enjoys bringing agile software practices to the Mobile Space. Special thanks to Singapore Power for sponsoring the venue and snacks for this event!